TMJ Treatments

Dr. Canning is experienced in dental treatment for patients with TMJ problems.

Frequently patients present with symptoms from their temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Prosthodontists are trained in the management of such patients. Some individuals suffer with pain associated with their TMJ and/or the associated muscles which move the lower jaw in function. Careful examination of the TMJ and the muscle system can be undertaken and various treatments can be prescribed to aid in the alleviation of these symptoms.

Furthermore, our team is experienced in undertaking dental treatment for patients who have a history of TMJ problems. Frequently, such patients have discrepancies between the biting surfaces of their upper and lower teeth and in certain instances; steps can be taken to address the dental problems with a positive impact on the associated TMJ and muscle problems.

A range of treatments from minor tooth alteration (occlusal equilibration) to occlusal splint therapy and dental restoration are provided.